Established in 2004, merging two major pioneers, Decon’s managing director Antonios Kioukas and MMS’s naval architect Pavlos P. Zabelis. In the market for over 20 years and being familiar with the local market and labour, Vianadecon is a naval and industrial construction company that owes its solid position in the market to its success in accommodation outfitting development and to turnkey solutions. 

From a modest beginning, Vianadecon has grown into a major player in the cruise industry and hotel facilities, providing high standard services to their costumers.

"We believe that our investment will soon give us obvious market results, considering the demand of new passenger vessels and the professionalism of the Portuguese in this area"

Located in the north of Portugal, near Viana do Castelo’s shipbuilding and repair yard, VIANADECON takes pride in custom-built tonnages for any request or customer’s specific requirement, with a wide range of services in building construction, hotel interiors and all technical construction, such as piping, HVAC, steel construction, etc.

Our aim is to keep our customers happy about the quality of the services we offer.